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Thursday, April 29, 2010

You are Too Proud and Self-assured

That last post was really proud. So proud and self-assured that I was sort of annoyed with it.

It actually started out as a status update about how kind my wife is but I kept writing and it turned into a short essay.

But I am not sure about it. It seems too personal and not incredibly informative. It doesn't touch on the usual stuff I like to write about: creativity, video games, music. It does touch on the emotions and experience I draw from when I create. Which is relevant.

My favorite online writers like Merlin Mann and John Gruber have spoken about being an expert in the things you are passionate about. They would probably recommend erring on the side of casting a narrow net.

The creative things I do so much cannot be separated from the life I live.

So maybe it is okay being proud.

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