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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Revisiting Myspace AKA Time Travel

Revisiting Myspace
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Without comments, videos, friend lists, or annoying backgrounds the site actually looks OK.

Facebook is getting more and more intrusive but I don't expect for one second that anyone will go back to using Myspace but it was nice to have the ability to go and strip all of the crap off of my old site.

I think the original goal of Myspace was to give everyone the freedom to personalize! In no time we discovered most people have horrible design aesthetics; people do actually go to 4 years of college to learn how to make non-offensive websites.

I like what I was able to do with my own space. I would like to impress people with the things I'm good at, not with my ability to copy/paste myspace code. If only there was a way to get rid of the huge advertisement. Oh and convince the other 10 million users to STOP THEIR INSANITY.

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