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Monday, January 18, 2010

No Time for a Vacation? Try a Staycation?

My friends Jon and Laura recently celebrated their second annual Staycation. It's a 3-day video game fest that takes place in their living room.

Here are the rules for the gaming:
-We both make a list of all the games we own that we want to play. The list should be longer than what you actually have time for
-We rate the games on our list to determine which games we'd most like to play
-Once prioritized we evaluate what systems the games are on and then set up 2 different TVs with the consoles least likely to conflict with each other for game time
-When play on one of the games begins we set a 90 minute timer. When the timer goes off you finish up what you are doing in the game and switch games.
Some couples probably do some variation of this every weekend. Jon and Laura are well traveled folks who frequently take actual trips to foreign destinations. This makes the staycation all the more fun.

This probably would not work for couples who have kids. And of course it's pretty rare to find a couple who both like video gaming. But I bet that folks with a bit of imagination could come up with something just as interesting. e.g. In high school, my wife's group of friends would have weekend long Twin Peaks marathons.

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