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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

I am Mensa Material!

Mensa TestI had the idea today at lunch that my coworkers and I should join Mensa so we can inject some awesome into its proceedings.

I'm a pretty sharp guy. Not sure if I'm in the 98th percentile but from these practice results I may be Mensa material. That's too bad, I was hoping that we could do some Spies Like Us meets Alias meets Leverage (favorite new TV show!) hijinks. Complete with wireless communication devices in our ears, button hole cameras and of course running down endless hallways with Jennifer Garner in skimpy outfits.

per the website
Mensa meetings are anything but dull! Local groups meet at least monthly. Often it's for dinner and drinks on a Friday night, or for get-togethers featuring a speaker or a lively, freewheeling discussion. All are with fellow members who share your intellectual interests. Some groups have special get-togethers or activities throughout the month. Others, especially the larger groups, have events nearly every day. Of course, participation in local group activities is always entirely at your option. There are also widely attended annual conventions offering workshops, seminars, and parties, plus numerous regional gatherings are held each year, offering social and intellectual excitement.

I smell asperger syndrome! The true test is to figure out whether or not the author was being ironic using the term "freewheeling".

I know that asperger is real. I know that being smart and being a smart-ass aren't the same (although there does seem to be a correlation between being dumb and a dumbass).

If you have to tell me you're hardly dull, you probably are!

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