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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Anyone interested in a new project?

The Problem

Do you remember only having just enough spending money to purchase video games after Christmas or Birthdays. I use to only get 3 or 4 games a year. So I would play the heck out of them until I beat them or got burned out trying.

Of course now the challenge isn't actually purchasing the game. Now it's actually finishing with you start.

One of my favorite game genres is the JRPG. The art and story are usually pretty great (if often ridiculous) and I love the exploring aspects of their gameplay. But of course they're incredibly long. Most require at least 30 hours to finish.

I usually start a game I'm interested in, get a few hours in and have to do something else. By the time I get back to playing it might be days, weeks or months later. I've forgotten where I was and what I was doing. Was I still on one of the introductory fetch quests? Had I unlocked the full fighting system or was I still in a tutorial section? is a website that celebrates actually getting to the end of games. This can be the final cutscene and credits or unlocking every single achievement and trophy. You spent your money for the game and you want to finish it! can help you do that.

Website features:
  • Users create a profile which allows them to catalog games they are currently playing. Several game websites already let users do this what FYG does is encourage users to create "game bookmarks" which will provide a brief recap so they can easily get back to enjoying the game. It can also include what they were doing, reference strategy guide page numbers, mission objectives, and a reason for why they stopped.
  • Users can maintain a list of games they have actually finished! Afterall - that is the point, right? They can also publish this info as a status update to Facebook if they are interested in that: "Lara just beat the final boss on Persona 4. Again."
  • Original content: regular video and/or audio podcasts highlighting recently released games and how potentially finishable they are. (Lot of reviews discuss game length and replay value - I'd like to add 'finishability' as a standard i.e. can an working adult realistically complete this game?)
  • Other content: Games Unfinishable - a spotlight of game that you won't finish because they are too long, too hard, too much of a grind. Old school arcade games like International Karate (photo above) are notorious for being difficult. But how about classics like Kid Icarus or Ninja Gaiden?
Potential features for the future:
  • email/sms reminders for themselves about where they were. Eventually these reminders could also include links to gamefaqs or strategy guides.
  • users might also choose to make this info public on the site allowing others to comment or offer play tips.
I'm looking for fellow gamers who would be interested in:
  • assisting with development (I'm currently looking at several Open Source Social Media platforms for the site but would need someone with graphic design experience)
  • writing and/or being on video discussing video games and related topics.
If you're interested feel free to email me - shannon [at]

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