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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Video Games: Art as More than Artifacts

It's great to see someone discussing the art of games without pointing to the artifacts themselves.
"And so our studio was born as an artistic laboratory. We decided to set a few experiments — test some ideas, confirm some assumptions and find the artistic tools, unique for the computer game form. Not ones borrowed from the filmmaking industry, painting or literature — but ones based on the uniqueness of playing a game, specific to the form from the very beginning. Ones based on the player’s freedom of choice, irreversibility, non-linearity and pseudo non-linearity of the process in real time… "
This is Ice-Pick Lodge's CEO Nikolay Dybowskiy interviewed over a year ago for Rock Paper Shotgun. He was discussing his studio's games Pathologic and The Void.*

This is the nuance that is missed when you try the brute-force argument that 100 graphic artists working on your game means it must be art.

*You can pick up The Void for $5 on steam. Do it now.

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