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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Getting the Music Out of Your System

Farstar and Paco
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In 2003, Paco Estrada's old band South FM let us open for them at the late great Gypsy Tea Room. It was the CD release party for our first record "Broken Down and Wandering". They were super supportive of us and we had a great time.

South FM dissolved a few years ago but we were excited to hear/play with Paco's new project. It was also nice to chat with him about making music when most signs indicate you should probably quit:
  • bandmates quit
  • the local scene dries up i.e. people stop showing up at your shows
  • every conversation about your band starts with "wow, I thought you guys broke up"
  • label drops you
  • wife asks you how much longer you're going to do this
I think we both agreed that at the end of the day it's all about making the music the keeps you up at night. Paco ignored the signs and put together a new group. It sounds great.

Keep it up Paco!


I met Russell Fincher for lunch last week. Russell was the singer for one of my favorite local bands, Robot Brown.

There is not much professional courtesy involved in schlepping gear onstage, but we've always tried to be cool to other bands. It was very easy to be cool to Robot Brown because they made such great music. They broke up several years ago but I still keep their EP on my mp3 player - it's so good. You can and should buy it now.

Every time we get together I bug Russell to come up to the house to record new music but I have a feeling that he's moved on. He's busy running his own company, making video game art and exploring other avenues of creativity.

That's not to say he won't write more music; I'm sure he's still got the talent. The music doesn't keep him up anymore, vying for his attention and keeping him from doing other things. Thankfully he's got other creative passions.

I'm going to keep on bugging him about it, but I told him that as soon as I get all this music out of my system I'll have to start making video games. Until then, I've still got some more songs to write.


A great song about my two favorite hobbies:

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