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Thursday, March 11, 2010

A Panoramic View of our Living Room

We have a fairly small house. It's less than 1300 square feet; in Texas it's not uncommon for couples to have 3000 square feet.

I enjoy looking down on these people because I live in a smaller house; it means I have less stuff. And I get to crawl up on this moral highground because I am above all of their sprawling bullshit.

But I am materialistic. And most of the stuff I consume just happen to be smaller. And as you can see from this photo I'm also pretty cluttered.


  1. we moved from 1000 sq ft down to 520sq ft

    that was quite a difference....

    we're hoping to move up to 700 sq ft this summer! so exciting :)

  2. well, we're some of those people you look down on, as we moved from 1500 sq ft to about 3000 last year. While I love the extra space, I must say part of me misses the smaller house a bit. I definitely don't miss being in the heart of the city though. Things move a bit slower up here...more relaxed, and I love that.