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Thursday, November 12, 2009

Local Bands I want to hear on KXT 91.7

So far KXT has seemed to play a mish-mash of mostly acoustic acts. I'd really love to hear a bit more local rock/hip hop/noise stuff on their playlists.

Looking at the KXT playlists I can see they've got some decent rock stuff in there (Pixies, Malkmus, Noisettes) but sadly its always mixed in with the middle of the road acoustic stuff (Rhet Miller, Indigo Girls, Monsters of Folk) so it seems to break up any sort of radio flow... I'm not a DJ but it seems like you should never have a radio hour within which the bands played would possibly beat each other up. Gini's gonna figure it out I'm sure.

In the meantime here's my "local rock hour" wishlist:
Tre Orsi
Lift to Experience/Josh Pearson
Orange Peal Sunshine
Preston Grey
Black Tie Dynasty (RIP)
Jack with One Eye
Giggle Party
Salim Nourallah
Nervous Curtains
El Gato
The Great Tyrant
Southern Sea
matt and the arrogant sea
The Angelus
Big Red Rooster
Leaving Denton
Robot Brown (RIP)
The Valentines (RIP)

My list is hardly exhaustive (a bit light on the hip hop and noise). Most of those acts are bands I've seen or played with as Farstar or H...N. For the sake of being expedient I've probably messed up some spellings - so feel free to correct me.

Also they're playing the shit out of the new Pearl Jam single.


  1. You did mispell one. It's spelled "Leaving Denton"... Easy mistake to make.

  2. Not local, but I heard an amazing show about Morphine (the band) over lunch yesterday. One of my favorites, I can't ever remember hearing Morphine on the radio in DFW. So I'm pretty in love with 91.7 right now. Seems kind of hit-or-miss most of the time, however. Though I'm still trying to figure out which programs are for me.

  3. And, you don't have to approve this message, but another typo on Josh Pearson. :)

  4. Hey Shannon. I heard Centro-Matic on 91.7 a couple of weeks ago. It was back to back with some Wilco so it was perhaps the greatest 10 minutes in radio history.