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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Video Game DevCamp - coming soon

Boy - you mention an idea around the right folks and all of a sudden people are beating down your door!

Last week I mentioned to Alex Muse with Big in Japan and Texas Startup Blog that I'd be interested in starting a Video Game DevCamp. Within 10 minutes he'd sent out a twitter post asking interested folks to connect with me.

My goal with the camp is to get local game developers together. I know there are several indie shops around doing iPhone stuff but I'd also like to get some android, flash, and console folks involved also.

This is super early in the planning stages but if you're interested - here are a few things that I'm needing at this point:
  • website assistance - hosting and setup (anyone who is reading this blog knows I'm not the guy for that!)
  • a logo
  • location (I believe we have this covered)
If you have interest and can donate time or anything else useful please let me know. You can email me or reach me on twitter - @shiitake

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